Since AGNESKOVACS was established, we received numerous positive feedbacks on the unique sculptural shapes of the bags. Many compared our leather accessories to artifacts that would look great placed in an interior . Thus the idea - to introduce the well-known AK design and quality to interior design - was born. Our first home collection was created by translating the classic AGNESKOVACS style to home decor. A one of a kind selection on the market since every object is entirely made of leather. While the function has changed, the unique style and the precious material have remained the same. The home accessories are just as refined and timeless as the AGNESKOVACS bags - and each of them is made of high-quality leather as well. The ‘generously’ shaped objects are refined by subtle hand-stitching that brings together contemporary style and traditional techniques. The eye-catching fineness of the stitching increases the value of these products even more. These timeless home accessories will become more tarnished and more beautiful by time, owing to its material, the vegetable-tanned leather. Fine traces of daily usage will appear on the leather evoking personal memories and making the objects completely unique. The durable veg-tanned leather not only ages well but has further advantages: it does not have any polluting effect on the environment since no harmful substances are used during the finishing process. Agnes Kovacs created the home collection with the support of the Moholy-Nagy Scholarship. Interestingly, the designer came from the birthplace of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, called Bácsborsód, and she also studied at the university named after him. Photo by #moodnstuff // Tímea Hadnagy , Márton Farkas , Solinfo