Woman || Balance – The latest collection of the Hungarian designer brand, AGNESKOVACS aims to create the perfect state of balance. Its bags and accessories symbolize that lucky, carefree mood that most women look for in their life live constantly challenged by finding the balance between their professional and private life, between work and family.

The collection is made for the eternal AGNESKOVACS woman who plays parallel roles in her life. She is fulfilled both in her career and among her family, even though she is often struggling to find a balance between them. However, when she finds this ideal state, it makes her feel in place, satisfied and secure. In the collection, the search for balance between parallel roles is symbolized by the off-centre metal accessories that appear on every piece of the collection fitted on the folds of the bags. The asymmetry of these silver details recalls that momentary, uncertain state before equilibrium.

The roles of women in work and home life can still be balanced even if they collide at times - this is the message of the Balance collection that consists of two refined, practical handbags that come in handy for busy weekdays as well as a shoulder bag and a comfortable backpack for weekends. In addition, new leather accessories – bracelets and belts – have been added to fit the Balance bags perfectly.

Just as the career complements the family life of the AGNESKOVACS woman, so the classic black leather is matched with an unexpected shade of olive green. The new hue adds lightness and freshness to the collection.

The Woman || Balance bags and accessories encourage the women who wear them to fearlessly experience the parallel roles in their lives and not to be afraid of the challenges involved. With their sophisticated and practical design, the pieces of the collection contribute to creating the desired balance.